Lead Generation Techniques

The ideas behind lead generation techniques are universal including quality prospects, qualified leads and measured results, however the tactics and techniques used can vary. As with any lead generation strategy, it’s important to stay creative and innovative to ensure your prospects aren’t leaving too early.

Thanks to the Internet, social media and other online influences, prospects are spending time researching products and services early-on, allowing you an opportunity to reach you right vendor and provider. The B2B buying process has changed, and with that change comes a new B2B buyer and need for new techniques.

Essentially as demand generation and B2B buyers continue to evolve, it’s going to be increasingly important to maintain an integrated, multi-dimensional process to generate prospects and foster qualified leads.

And marketing automation allows you to generate, nurture and qualify more high quality leads with less effort. Considering this NASSCOM has launch its eMarketplace Lead Generation Portal for its SME Members .End-user and the provers at the same portal. eMarketplace Portal from NASSCOM  allows you to automate and measure all aspects of your IT requirements.

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