Why Your Website Should Have “Our Story”?


So you are all geared up with your start up. The website is ready too. You want your network to know about your new business and the new website. You want to share your dream, your vision for the business and your new baby or your new venture.

Of course you can write a microblog about your new business and post it on Facebook and Twitter. Or write a longer version and post it on your blog or publish on LinkedIn. But people are not excited about your start up as much as you are, (except few close friends and relatives.

There is an answer to your dilemma. Make your content catchy to read, give it a personal touch, and let it be so full of energy that part of your excitement is transferred to the reader.

Yes the answer is to tell your story, weave it with your organisation story and let the ripples spread.

Content marketing works better than advertising on Social media

Appearing promotional or direct promotion can irritate your social media audience and backfire. As we move from advertising to a content marketing era, the best way to promote your personal portal or business portal or even products, is to share their story on social media.
A story is worthy content for the audience and if they connect with the story, they are likely to move to your “Our Services” page and have curiosity and interest about exploring your site. It can be ‘My Story’, ‘Our Story’ or the ‘Product Story’ of the new product that you have launched. Even in online advertising, the story as landing page can be magical in attracting the first time visitors.

Tell your authentic story

Feeling excited already. Even your home page banner can tell the story of how your business will resolve the pain area of your clients and how your authentic and deep passion for your work makes you different from your competition. Sharing the “Our Story” page of your website does not look like crass self-promotion. It is actually a wonderful beginning of your content marketing journey.

Good stories humanize your brand

Convey your authentic passion and slowly build a community of people who believe in your vision. If few people start believing in your story, then the magic will begin to spread and sharing and virality of your content will begin. Pixar’s story is one of the finest “Our story” pages I have come across on the web.

The touch of your unique experiences and personality makes your stories stand out and makes you unique and unforgettable. Good storytelling will also help you gain prospects / followers and convert them into customers. Your stories will build your reputation and the way people treat you and talk about you behind your back.

Good stories humanize your brand and provide context for your organisation and product. People are more likely to connect with good stories and share them due to the emotional connect.

Anecdote of the Month

Keep the excitement on. Have an anecdote of the month section on your site also. Share interesting incidents which happened while acquiring new clients and serving existing clients. Share your victories and experiences, share your mistakes and failures on the way too. While the main story of the organisation can be created once and updated once / twice a year, the anecdotes can help you retain the excitement, surprise and delight.

You are human and your story presents you as the human who tries, fails, persists and succeeds. And sometimes accepts the failure gracefully after persistent efforts end up in a naught.

Share your passionate story straight from the heart in “Our Story” section. And remember what comes straight from the heart, touches straight at the heart. Isn’t it?

Sample Stories

Our Story section

Website banner story


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  1. I completely second your thoughts in this blog. Love it!

    Appearing promotional or direct promotion could very much result in losing your followers and audience. A human touch/human element really plays a crucial part in getting the audience involved and connected.

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