Change “THAT” part in job description to attract and hire right employees

May be you are wondering now about “THAT” part? It really helps if you can attract and hire right  employees most of the time. Right?

Firstly, let’s take a quick look at common characteristics of job applications which attract wrong applicants. After that, we will go through the solution, a hiring methodology used by leading companies to triple hiring success and an example.

3 Most Common Characteristics of Job Descriptions Which Attract Wrong Job Applicants

1. This is the MOST IMPORTANT POINT – The specific & measurable goal/outcome the candidate need to achieve in 1-2 years is not mentioned in many job descriptions


The experience in achieving a specific & measurable outcome the candidate need to have is usually not mentioned.

2. Looks like a laundry list of tasks and responsibilities. The main focus is on what the potential hire will be doing.

eg:- coaching sales representatives, building client relationships etc.

3. Too much of generic terms

eg: – Predict market trends, Understand competitive moves, Strategize accordingly, Out of the box thinking etc.

Generic terms are needed sometimes. Too much of them doesn’t help.

An Example

Imagine this – You are looking for a sales person who has experience in achieving targets on an average of two hundred thousand dollars per month. A sales person with 3 years of experience is looking for a new job. He used to achieve a target of ten thousand dollars per month on an average. He is seeing your job description which doesn’t mention any experience in the target he needs to achieve. He just sees the responsibility – “Achieve sales targets”. He applies to your job. You screen his CV and talk to him. Finally, you understand that he is not the person you are looking for.

What if you have included this sentence in the job description “The candidate must have experience in achieving sales targets on an average of two hundred thousand dollars per month”. There is a big chance that he may not apply for your position. I am not saying that he will not apply for sure because it is human to test luck.

What is “THAT” part?

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