Growing the Recognition and Community of Skilled Business Analysis Talent across India

IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM and IIBA Celebrate New Collaboration

IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM® and International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®)   formally exchange a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) at the 4th annual BA Convention in Bangalore.The new MOU highlights the collaboration between these two organizations aimed at expanding the recognition and the community of relevant and skilled business analysis talent across India.

Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Vice President NASSCOM and Executive Director IT ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM) said, “Technological innovation will invariably lead to greater productivity and prosperity, but the speed of change will put extraordinary stress on an evolving workforce.  An action plan to build a future-ready workforce is not only to handle risks of the pervasive technology and socioeconomic shifts underway, but also to make the most of the opportunities presented. To understand this paradigm shift, business analysis is critical, to identify and articulate the need for change in how organizations will work, and to facilitate that change. The talent to manage, shape and lead the changes underway will be in short supply unless we take action today to develop it; collaboration and partnership will facilitate that end. Promoting and adopting SSC NASSCOM’s ‘Business Analyst’ Qualification Pack / National Occupational Standards, as a transnational standard will communicate the value of India’s Business Analysis talent to the global business community.

“As the leading global organization for the business analysis community, we recognize the increased opportunities and market demand for innovative, talented and knowledgeable professionals,” said Stephen Ashworth, President and CEO, IIBA.  “The development of the qualification packs and other important initiatives will enable an enhanced and expanded business analysis community. We know that by working together with SSC NASSCOM, we can create new opportunities and provide extensive support and leadership to the growing network of business analysis professionals and their organizations across India.”

“This is an incredible collaboration that will help India produce industry relevant business analysis skills for Indian and global markets,” said Ashish Mehta, Director, Global Board of Directors, IIBA. “This joint effort will help both organizations in establishing a business analysis eco-system in collaboration with industry and academia.”

  As the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industry in India, SSC NASSCOM will collaborate with IIBA in three key areas:

  • Advancing the definition of the role and skills of business analysis;
  • Advocating the value of business analysis across the broader global  business community; and,
  • Implementing standard job descriptions, Qualification Packs, as learning  capabilities and use SSC NASSCOM’s assessment platform to assess and certify business analysis talent in India.

IIBA and SSC NASSCOM recently announced that they will establish curriculum guidelines and courseware for business analysis expertise and a joint certificate supported by an assessment platform in India. These will be mapped to the standard job descriptions called “Qualification Packs” that SSC NASSCOM has defined to build industry relevant skills for Indian and overseas markets. This will enable a business analysis eco-system in the region and will provide a great opportunity for the business analysis community to be nurtured under the support of the industry standards, including BABOK® Guide V3. In addition, this will enable Indian Universities and Colleges to adopt and integrate entry level business analysis courses into their offerings.



Stephen Ashworth, President and CEO, IIBA; Dr. Sandhya Chintala, VP & Executive Director, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM; and Ashish Mehta, Director, IIBA Global Board of Directors exchange the new Memorandum of Understanding to formally launch the joint collaboration to support the growing business analysis talent pool across India.



During the 4th annual BA Convention in Bangalore, Stephen Ashworth, President and CEO, IIBA and Dr. Sandhya Chintala, VP & Executive Director, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council, highlighted their commitment to expanding the recognition and the community of relevant and skilled business analysis talent in India.

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