Using advanced technology to fight mosquitoes

There is this impressive Indian startup that we will bring to you next week. They are using IOT to track and fight mosquitoes. While that is awaited, Reuters came out with an article that mentioned the efforts of top IT companies as well as a few startups aimed at fighting mosquitoes. Let’s look at what they are doing in brief. See the full article for the detailed report. 


In Texas, Microsoft is testing a smart trap to isolate and capture Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, known Zika carriers, for study by entomologists to give them a jump on predicting outbreaks.

The Microsoft machines differentiate insects by measuring a feature unique to each species: the shadows cast by their beating wings. When a trap detects an Aedes aegypti in one of its 64 chambers, the door slams shut.


Microsoft has whole project called Project Premonition to fight mosquitoes. It includes drones that locate mosquito hotspots, Robotic mosquito traps, Cloud-scale algorithms that detect known and unknown pathogens


Verily, Alphabet 

Google’s parent company is also in the fray with Verily, the life sciences division. They are working on speeding the process for creating sterile male mosquitoes to mate with females in the wild, offering a form of birth control for the species.


Immature mosquitoes are forced through a sieve-like mechanism that separates the smaller males from the females. These mosquitoes are then hand sorted to weed out any stray females that slip through. They are working with Verily to fasten the selection process with robots.

We will bring you the Indian innovations in the segment soon. 




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