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Webinar on Export Control Framework Related to Intangible Technology Transfer

May 6 @ 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Dear All,

NASSCOM and DSCI invite you to a webinar titled, ‘Export Control Framework Related to Intangible Technology Transfer’, on 6th May (Wednesday). The webinar will give an overview of export control regime in India, especially the SCOMET List and export licence exceptions. The proposed webinar is aimed at making cyber-security companies and start-ups (which deal in dual-use items/software/technology) aware about their export control obligations. We also hope that the webinar will generate interest among such companies and start-ups to contribute to policy discussions on promoting cybersecurity innovation in India through export control regime.

The session-wise agenda is given below:

Time Sessions
15:00-15:30 Introduction to Export Control Framework Related to Intangible Technology Transfer & Basic Concepts

[Speakers: Vinayak Godse (Vice President, DSCI) and Devika Agarwal (Policy Analyst, NASSCOM)]

  • What are dual-use items/technology- e.g. information security products?
  • What is commonly not regulated- fundamental research, dual use items available in public domain?
  • Why is export dual use items regulated? Why are export control laws important for cybersecurity companies & start-ups?
  • Introduction to concepts such as deemed export and intangible technology transfer (ITT)
  • The Indian Export Control Regime/Legal Instruments in India- Introduction to SCOMET List, Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992 and WMD Act, 2005
15:30-16:00 Specific Licensing & Compliance Requirements under Indian Export Control Laws

[Speaker: Sonia Gupta (Partner, Ashok Dhingra Associates)]

  • Applying for a licence- Procedure laid down in Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) & Handbook of Procedures (HBP), Identification of the correct SCOMET category of the export item, End use cum end user certificate requirement
  • Record-keeping & reporting requirements imposed by DGFT
  • Relevant exceptions in the SCOMET List and the Foreign Trade Policy- General Software Note, GAICT
  • Compliance requirements- Internal Compliance Programme (General elements- training of company staff, screening of end use cum end user, identifying red flags, maintenance of records



Introduction to Wassenaar Arrangement

[Speaker: Devika Agarwal]

  • What is the Wassenaar Arrangment & its Objectives
  • India became the 42nd member of the WA in 2017; SCOMET List is based on the WA Dual-Use List; any changes to the WA List will directly impact national export control regimes
  • Experts Group meeting periodically to review the WA, especially the control lists- countries also submit proposals and non-papers to influence international policy-making; proposals are aimed at controlling new technologies, decontrolling existing technologies or making other changes to the existing controls.
  • Objectives behind WA List revision- controlling proliferation, and more strategically, protecting innovation through control or decontrol of specific technologies
16:15-16:30 Policy Engagement with the Government on Export Control Laws

[Speaker: Devika Agarwal]

  • MeitY’s Draft Approach Paper on ITT
  • Inputs on Expert Group Meetings
  • Raising member concerns, for instance, notification of GAICT forms
  • Inputs on ITT Handbook and ICP Guide
  • Most recently, a non-paper to MEA on WA List revision- India’s objective is to promote innovation in cybersecurity in the country

Please find enclosed the full agenda which includes Background and Reading Material. Please register for the free webinar at this link.

Contact for more details.



May 6
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm