Become World Worthy: Build a career in the BPM industry

The BPM industry is talent driven and not physical asset intensive is a well known fact. To remain competitive, it is important that the BPM industry is able to attract the right talent, and communicate and showcase the career opportunities and skills that the sector provides. A monolithic and prehistoric perception, about BPM jobs being merely a means to earn pocket money, has still not gone out of vogue completely (it should have!).  Recruiters, still have to grapple with such false notions which makes right talent so hard to find.

To address this concern, a multi-channel outreach program has been put in place by the BPM Council which emphasizes on the career opportunities in the BPM sector – the skills that are required, the training that is provided, the global learning platform and an opportunity to focus on specific industry sectors. It is being communicated that aspirants can dream of a global career in this industry as well, which has also birthed the tagline – “Become World Worthy.”

The BPM Industry employs different talent including accountants, engineers, doctors, and business management professionals etc. in addition to graduates. ‘Become World Worthy’ is an integrated campaign that spans across academia, students and parents and communicates career opportunities in the BPM sector and how each employee is creating value for global customers and the country.

Collaterals including industry leader videos posters, banners, motivational talk, CXO interaction have been curated to highlight BPM as career industry created An impactful, first set of campus connect programs have been executed in Bangalore and Chandigarh.

Some of the key messages include:


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