Capitalizing the domestic BPM opportunity

NASSCOM has recently published a report `Domestic BPM Sector: On the Cusp of Transformation’ with support from participating industry members, buyer enterprises, and the government.  The study explores the current domestic market opportunity which is estimated to be ~US $4 billion and the driving factors for growth of the domestic BPM sector, over the next four to five years.

A roundtable of industry leaders, who have a focus on domestic market, was held on 16th May 2016 at Mumbai, to discuss the implications of the study for the industry, assess the factors that needs to be strengthened to capitalize the opportunity, and to present a set of recommendations to the government on what it takes to build the domestic market in India and create employment in emerging locations. Some of the key points discussed were:


  • Reclassification or the acknowledgement of the industry under services sector (As of now IT/BPM comes under computers and has to abide by the laws and regulations conformed on the manufacturing side of the sector).
  • Government to play a significant role in “destination marketing” of a non-metro location to promote and build customer confidence to invest in cities other than metros.
  • Ensure a reliable public transport system in place
  • Apart from what the companies are  doing for the physical security and well-being of their employees, government should also take equal responsibility in ensuring that safety and security of no citizen/employee is compromised by building robust policing and security measures.
  • 5) Ensure cyber security and data security laws are enforced
  • 6) Build these points in the template created for smart cities to ensure quick turnaround

Industry and NASSCOM

  • Promote the “big opportunity” in terms of employment generation to the government.
  • Highlight key positives for the industry like youngest talent pool, job multiplier, low entry barriers, sustainable costs, enable reverse migration to non-metro cities etc
  • Nasscom to build connects with the central & state government to enable the above recommendations
  • Change the public perception about the industry

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