Consumer Interest Protection Task Force

The Indian BPM industry has been on a steady growth path and aggregated revenues of USD 28 billion in FY 2016.

The recent instances of illegal activities by a few unscrupulous elements although isolated and sporadic, highlight the need for the industry to be on constant vigil. Accordingly a Consumer Interest Protection has been set up under the BPM Council in partnership with the Data Security Council of India (DSCI) to address this issue. The Task Force has been mandated to pursue a multi-pronged approach to chart out a series of countermeasures aimed at fraud prevention, fraud detection and fraud response

The BPM industry has built robust information security programs aligned to leading industry and security standards, and data privacy programs, whose requirements transcend geographical laws and regulations, comprehensive background verification of employees, employee awareness training programs, extensive preventive, detective and monitoring controls across logical and physical security domains and detailed audit trails coupled with data analytics to provide intelligence around organizational security.

The Taskforce will also discuss and recommend actions that can enable quicker cross border, inter agency co-operation for filing and resolution of consumer complaints that will help to send a strong message globally of our industry’s ability and intent to act against data thefts / frauds and safeguard the interests of consumers globally. The focus would be to complement consumer protection measures that exist in different industries and countries around the world.

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