NASSCOM task force’s recommendations for fraud prevention

The Indian BPM industry is a leader in the outsourcing business with revenues of US$28 billion. This leadership position is built by providing high quality services as well, among other things, gaining confidence overseas clients that their data and their customers would be safe and secure in India.

Recently, some fraudsters used India as a base to defraud customers globally. These frauds, if unchecked, could pose an economic threat and become a reputation risk of India not being a safe destination to do business. NASSCOM and the industry together have been proactively working with global consumer protection agencies on this issue. Industry is also investing in capacity building of law enforcement agencies in a unique public-private-partnership model executed through Data Security Council of India.

To arrest any such frauds in the future, NASSCOM set up a Consumer Interest Protection Task force in early 2016. The task partnered with Ernst & Young to launch a first of its kind report – Consumer Interest Protection Task Force, clearly outlining a set of recommendations for NASSCOM and governmental agencies.

Please go through the report in attachment and share your thoughts.

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