Why is the world talking about Intelligent Automation?

The Services landscape is undergoing a major revolution with the introduction of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). Industries from hospitality, retail, eCommerce and banking all have been bitten by the RPA BOT. Is robotics here to stay? Is robotics cost effective? Is it sustainable in the long run? And why suddenly is the industry and IT/ ITES world so much focused on automation and robotics. Let’s try to see if we can answer these questions.

What are the major challenges that any mature industry today faces?

  • Cost Efficiency: As of today, the major challenge that every business faces is to maximize the profit margin. If revenue growth is stagnating then the second best option is to effectively manage the cost of running the business. One major element of cost is manpower cost and anything that can be done to automate mundane tasks, comes up high in the agenda.
  • Quality Output: Higher the number of manual touch points, higher are the possibilities of error. Automating repetitive activities are key to quality output in current environment.
  • Productivity: Issues in effective management of resources and productivity is vital in operational activities along with mitigating attrition risks with appropriate controls in place
  • Knowledge Management: More focus is put forward on critical activities if other areas are automated and knowledge is embedded in intelligent automation.
  • Maintenance of Legacy Systems and the Cost of their upgrades: One critical element in the mature industry verticals is the existence of legacy systems and their maintenance/ upgrade. The cost and the effort required to do any change in these legacy systems sends shivers down the spines of the IT team. So one is always on the lookout to deploy non-invasive tools to extract data from these systems and present it in the way the user wants to see it without going through the pain of making large scale changes to the legacy systems.

What “intelligent” RPA has to Offer?

  • Automation of  processes that are computer centric
  • Navigation by Robot using User Interface of the software application
  • No requirement of extensive IT change on underlying applications
  • RPA is technology-agnostic and can be used in any data-driven, rule-based processes
  • Machine learning components that help read and process unstructured data for inputs that are not well defined

So where is RPA most effective?

  • Processes where actions are consistent, with the same step being performed repeatedly
  • It Involves structured/non-structured inputs and output
  • It is rules-based, to allow decision flows to alter dynamically.

How can eClerx help you in RPA space?

eClerx has built robotics platform Roboworx by continuously improving its web automation platform over a decade and has a team of experts who can guide you starting from identification of opportunities, to implementation, and support. Our well-defined methodology for robotics implementation will help enterprises achieve significant and sustained business outcomes. Below are few salient features of Roboworx

  • Roboworx allows configuring repetitive tasks like transaction processing
  • Data manipulation and interaction with multiple systems including in secure environments
  • Process optimization for high volume processing activities
  • Improve productivity with no need to re-engineer the existing process flows 
  • Cost effective solution with higher accuracy in process execution

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