6 Cloud Computing Trends for 2018

Cloud Computing Industry has seen significant traction with organizations from across industries adopting this technology for deploying their applications without any hardware investments or long-term commitments.

To make it simpler for you we have listed 6 emerging trends in Cloud Computing to look out for in 2018 that will help you understand the Cloud better.

Exponential Growth in Cloud Computing Solutions – IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Software as a Service(SaaS) has made a number of companies adopt cloud service solutions. 2018 will see SaaS capturing the highest cloud market with 60% of the cloud-based workloads being deployed on SaaS.

Whereas, Platform as a Service(PaaS) has made it easier for customers to develop, launch and manage apps making it the most adopted cloud service in the coming year with an expected growth of 5%.

Increase in Cloud Storage Capacity 

As per the CISCO Survey Report, 600 ZB of data is expected to be stored in 2018.  With a number of cloud players entering the market, storage cost will get cheaper benefiting businesses in the long run with competitive cloud pricing.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Companies rather than moving to a private cloud will prefer Hybrid Cloud Solutions. This will help them to ensure their data security as they can partially keep their important data with them and shift the rest to the cloud. This will lead to cloud providers opening up API on their platforms.

Internet of Everything(IoE) and Cloud 

IoT connected devices like household appliances, cars, and electronics, have a cloud-based back end as a mean to communicate and store information. As we see more IoT devices being made and sold, the cloud usage will continue to increase as a result.

Private and Hybrid Cloud Hosting is due to Rebound

Private and Hybrid Cloud solutions will gain traction in 2018 driven by technology innovations beyond IAAS platforms and innovative open source based developments built on open source technologies, e.g. Redhat Cloud Infrastructure which allows you to get the best of both worlds within a single management dashboard.

Security Challenges & Breaches

Cloud Security will still remain one of the major concerns for cloud providers coming up with robust security options which can be provided to their clients.

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