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Web browsers are one of the most important apps on any device. A browser with the right feature and performance can literally change the browsing experience. Browser app is always pre-installed on every android device, but there are many other browsers available on Play Store and you can always try some from the same to experience better browsing experience as each of the browsing app comes with unique set of features. Lately, android app development companies have come quite far in providing advanced utilities and synchronization features which make the top android browsers worth a try.


Here is a list of best android browsers based on the RAM consumption, speed of loading pages and compatibility:


Google Chrome:


It is one of the most popular products of pure android app development. As a default app, you would find Chrome pre-installed on many devices. Google has the team of best mobile app developers which shows in the extraordinary line of features Chrome offers, including desktop syncing, unlimited tabs, HTML5 support, news article display, built-in Google translate, faster and safer browsing experience, Google voice search, incognito mode, etc. Chrome is available for free and four chrome browsers are available i.e. Google Chrome, Chrome beta and Chrome Dev and Chrome Canary. It provides fast and reliable browsing experience along with inbuilt data saving feature. It helps in automatic filling of web forms with your data.


Firefox Quantum:


Mozilla recently updated Firefox across all platforms to include its new Quantum branding and features. Firefox Quantum includes backend performance improvements, new custom tabs, and a revamped interface for the Android version. This new UI is known as Photon UI, which is optimized to help you get things done faster than its predecessor. Firefox Quantum for Android has a large collection of add-ons to customize your experience. Firefox provides the ability to sync your account makes browsing a truly connected experience since it is available on all platforms. It does not depend on what type of device you are working, and hence you will always have access to your bookmarks, saved logins, and browsing history.


UC Browser Mini:


It is one of the popular and powerful android browser with Ad block feature and best android browser for downloading large files. It is technically an Android Go app and is available to many devices. It features a small install size, night mode, incognito mode, gesture control, and some additional features. It’s free with no in-app purchases. It allows users to synchronize with cloud makers and tabs between devices you have with the same account Google or Facebook. It allows users to customize browser theme and switch to night mode if you need. The turbo boost resonates with Opera Turbo but does the job well.

Microsoft Edge:


It features a light, but effective sync feature with the desktop version. Some other features include a Hub feature, a QR code reader, a voice search, and a private browsing mode. If you use Microsoft Edge on any other device then you can use this browser to continue using on your phone and you will find all your passwords, favorite sites, and reading list here too.  Hub View makes finding new and favorite content easy, a text-reading mode makes reading easier, and there is even a QR code reader and voice search option. Microsoft Edge has Bing as a default search engine but can be changed to Google. It is Chromium based browser on Android.

Opera Mini:


It features a partial ad blocker that zaps ads from web pages, video compression to save data, a dashboard where you can have news and favorites stored and a redesigned search bar that can scan QR codes. Users can create an Opera account and sync data between this and the desktop version. Opera Mini is a smaller, more lightweight option. It regularly gets new features via free updates. There is a good Incognito mode for when you need to go undercover and there is a built-in data saver to keep you tapping for longer. It supports tabbed browsing, has a password management system, and can auto-complete forms if you choose to.

The wide variety of browsers are available on the Play Store that provides us with great choices. Nowadays, smartphones are adapted with effective websites and also a best browser have to be installed on the Android phone or tablet. If you want to develop and android app for your device, then let us know. FuGenX Technologies, a global Android app development company, develops world-class Android apps for businesses of all sorts and size globally. FuGenX has best android app developers in Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad, India.

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