Best Technologies To Look For In 2019

It is a well-known saying that the only constant thing in the universe is change. This holds great significance when it comes to your career growth. Upskilling has become indispensable to growth, the reason being there is a rapid evolution in technology and to stay in the competition, you will have to acquire new skills which are futuristic and have the potential to win you better job opportunities.

The technologies which will leave their imprints in 2019 will help to drive a continuous process of innovation. Thus, the strategic technological trends will begin to break from an emerging phase and will show a much broader impact. Thus, the Intelligent Mesh of Digital Technologies will continue to be a consistent theme throughout 2019. Thus, 2019 will see the synergy created by the combination of multiple technologies coming together to give shape to a new disruption.

List of Top Technologies in 2019

  • Artificial Intelligence: It has generated a lot of hype around it and will continue to do so in the coming year as it has impacts which have roles in almost all walks of life like work, routine affairs, businesses, etc. Many branches of AI have been developed lately. AI stands for the systems which can copy the intelligence of humans and also perform various tasks like image recognition, recognition of patterns and also decision-making. It is seen that AI is much more accurate and faster than humans. AI will continue to make a mark in the coming year in the form of digital assistants, smart devices for home, etc. In addition to the home use, it is also used for scheduling trains, predicting maintenance, etc. Many automated things also make use of AI for performing their functions. As these devices grow in number, it is expected 2019 will see a shift from standalone devices to a super collaboration of intelligent devices working together.
  • Machine Learning: It is considered as a by-product of Artificial Intelligence, and it makes the computers to do things which they are not programmed to do. This is made possible by learning various patterns and other kinds of insights from data. Thus, there are two kinds of learning namely, supervised and unsupervised. There are many subsets of Machine Learning which include neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), etc. Each of these offers the opportunity for specializing in a particular career field. Many industries make use of machine learning thus giving rise to a huge demand for skilled professionals. The market for Machine Learning is all set to grow to a figure of $8.81 billion by 2022. It finds its application in data analytics, real-time ads, and detection of network intrusion, etc.
  • Robotic Process Automation: RPA is the next big thing which is all set to automate a huge number of daily tasks like interpreting applications, processing of transactions, etc. The jobs are not only of the menial types but highly intelligent tasks like the duties of a financial manager, doctors, etc. Contrarily it is also said that the growing influx of RPA poses a threat to almost 230 million jobs or nearly 9 percent of the global workforce. Thus, as an IT professional there are many opportunities like a developer, project manager, analysts, etc.
  • Blockchain: Blockchain offers security which is useful in many ways. It is basically data which can only be added to thus creating a chain of data. It is the inability to make changes to any previous blocks makes it highly secure. The blockchains are driven by consensus, and thus no single entity has control over it completely. There is no requirement of any third-party for validating transactions. It can thus be used for cryptocurrency, global supply chains and also protection of assets like art, real estate, etc.
  • Edge Computing: Cloud computing has become the new norm of the day as there is increasing adoption of the same among businesses. Despite its popularity, it is no longer considered as evolving technology and is expected to be taken over by Edge. Latter is expected to solve problems which have been created by the cloud as it can also process data at a distant location which has little or no connectivity to a centralized place. Thus, edge computing acts as mini data-centers.
  • Cyber Security: This may not sound new as it has been there for a long time, but its importance cannot be undermined because of the evolving nature of threats faced by various online businesses. Thus, there is continuous effort to come up with tougher security systems which are foolproof like the authentication of hardware, behavioral analytics, etc. The relevance of the field in 2019 can be gauged from the fact that job creation in the same is growing three times faster as compared to another kind of tech jobs. The jobs in the field offer high payouts and salaries.
  • Digital Twins: A digital twin refers to a digital representation of a real-world system. It is estimated that by 2020, nearly 20 billion connected sensors and endpoints will be seen which will work for about billions of things. Once the digital twins have been implemented, the organizations will have to then improve their ability of collection and visualization of data. This will help it to respond as per the objectives of the business. It will decide how a business will operationalize its business model by connecting to its current state, deploying various resources and finally giving an appropriate response to changes for delivering the expected customer value.


All the technologies which have been mentioned above offer promising potential for 2019 and the near future. There is an apparent shortage of skilled workers in all these domains. Thus, upskilling in any of these will ensure growth in your career by positioning you for future jobs. 2019 will also see coming together of many technologies and working in tandem for revolutionary outcomes which will change the dynamics of the businesses all around the world. Thus, these will acquire a huge market in 2019.

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