Calling Software Developers – Helping Kerala Get Back on Its Feet

Natural disasters hit us with an unimaginable force to leave behind a ghastly trail of detritus. Most recently, Kerala bore the nature’s wrath. Software developers have changed the world and revolutionized the way people interact. Extending this idea, they can be at the forefront of relief operations as well, to create tech-enabled solutions. Given the circumstances and pressure on resources, simplicity would obviously be the key.    

The Govt. of Kerala, Kerala Startup Mission, NASSCOM and Kerala Startup Mission are hosting a two-day hackathon to help developers, engineers, designers, and emergency responders work on projects around Natural Disaster Preparedness and Relief. This hackathon is a satellite event for the global Call for Code Challenge, providing an opportunity to brainstorm, plan, and start building for the challenge. The projects built at the hackathon will be evaluated based on innovative ideas and prizes conferred accordingly.  

Call for Code is a global challenge for developers to create solutions that significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and relief. At this scale, it’s probably the first of its kind which encourages techies to use their skills towards alleviating human suffering. A rallying cry which brings together startups, academics, and enterprise developers together.

There are satellite public hackathons hosted in cities throughout the world. #CallforCodeKerala is one such. The scope of disaster preparedness / relief in these cases is tailored to a particular audience. These events usually have their own judging parameters & prizes and considered as ‘feeder’ events into the main challenge. A quick-win here could lead to very long-term gains in front of a global audience.

David Clark Cause is the creator of this global event and IBM, the Founding Partner. As Bob Lord, IBM’s Chief Digital Officer says, “We cannot attempt to prevent natural disasters from happening, but we can unleash our tools so that developers can help geographic regions get prepared”.

You can visit for details.

7th & 8th September at KSUM Meet Up Cafe,

Kerala Startup Mission,

G3B, Thejaswini, Technopark Campus,

Kariavattom, Trivandrum, Kerala – 695581.

The submission to the the global Call for Code challenge is open until 28th September 2018.

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