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What really is “great”? Of course, it’s very subjective but there’s a common thread that runs across – of recognition. Things have to be recognized by a larger audience for it to move to the final frontier of being considered as great. It isn’t very different from design.


NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards aims to spur innovation, particularly on technology product design, that is simple yet underlies a powerful product to exemplify how an “experience” ought to be.


It’s our maiden venture but a great opportunity for those who are design-led – professionals and organisations – to showcase in front of a large audience.


Can I apply?


Most certainly, if you fall under:


  • A company (irrespective of size); Design Studios; Non-profit orgs as well. It should be borne in mind that whatever be the nature of the venture, it should have originated in India / driven from India. 
  • Students, if you are an Indian resident and enrolled in a full-time college / university program. You can apply as a team as well.


Dates, dates, dates and more….


Submission Deadline                      26-Aug-18

Submissions Screening                    27-Aug-18 to 4-Sep-18

Jury Round                                        6-Sep-18 to 12-Sep-18

Announcement of Finalists            14-Sep-18

Awards ceremony                          25-Sep-18

Nota Bene:

  • The design has to be for India and executed here / marketed in the calendar year ’17 -18.
  • Prototypes are not acceptable. It should be fully commissioned and available for usage.
  • Please adhere to mandatory standards and ensure completeness.
  • If, designed for a client, then please do share the authorisation letter when you apply.



1. Web: Products designed through Web Technologies.

2. Mobile: Products designed through Mobile Technologies, but not to include – AR/VR/XR.

3. Immersive: Products that are designed and deployed as Hardware, Software and/or Platforms on Immersive Technologies.

4. Connected & Intelligence: Products that enable the growth of Connectivity and Intelligence such as IoT, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

5. Digital Ergonomic Products. Revolutionary design on new/existing products, with the potential to be market disruptors.


Judged on?

  1. Differentiator – vis-à-vis the competitor.
  2. Innovation
  3. Sustainability – particularly of the environment & society.
  4. Creativity – thought process, overall appeal.
  5. Usability – ease of adoption.
  6. Aesthetics – visual appeal from an end-user’s perspective.

Winners Take it All – what?

  • Felicitation – all. At the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards 2018 ceremony on 25th September 2018 at JW Marriott, Bengaluru.
  • Award Logo. Provided with a digital award badge, which can be used for marketing for one year.
  • Showcased on the NASSCOM Design4India Design Awards portal.
  • Media Exposure.

See details at including Terms & Conditions here

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