Design4India – Promoting design as a tool for innovation

Inspiring and elevating to a higher state of enlightenment and success with design. The Shankha, one of the most beautiful naturally occurring instances of design, and an essential part of all Indian ceremonies. The Golden spiral, one of the most fundamental instances of design. The peacock in full bloom, resplendent in all its glory. And the dot, described as the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its un-manifested state. These elements come together as inspirations for the Design4India logo form. With a vibrant palette inspired by the rich hues of India and a bold yet subtle typeface. The logo inspires and marks India as the hub of a higher form of design.


Design as a tool for innovation has developed rapidly in recent years and now is seen in strategic design and design management considerations and design thinking of the final technology, product or service. There is a need for organizations to embrace this broader experience of design to move forward.

To scale the focus to the next level to impact the Startup and Innovation ecosystem pan India, NASSCOM has launched the Design4India initiative.

The palette is inspired by the rich hues and vibrant colors that resonate the Indian spirit. A palette that is youthful and energetic, with a gradient which reflects the young and growing Startup and Innovation ecosystem of the nation.

Design4India, a Nasscom initiative, aims to create massive transformational value for the Product and Startup ecosystem of India.

Catalyze the Product, Startup and Innovation ecosystem in India. Create world class opportunities and solutions for India.

Enable 500+ product Startups. Train 5,000+ design thinking professionals.

Brands are a part of people’s lives. They are distinct belief systems expressed clearly and consistently. Brand Design4India aims to build connections, relationships and take forward the growing Startup and Innovation ecosystem of India.

Resonating with the product and technology sector. To create massive transformational value and pan Indian impact leveraging design thinking and technology.

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