The art of being a designer: Mastering the art

Design thinking has picked up the pace and has become the most critical element pertaining to the functioning of any startup. Putting consumer need on a higher pedestal is the key to mastering the art of being a design thinker. You heard it right; I did use the word ‘art’ while talking about a capitalistic entity. The process of creating a product has

changed its course to putting human experience at the helm of it. While we talk about being an efficient and innovative designer, the most important quality to imbibe is figuring out what consumers need. Prototyping of products extensively based on meeting the human needs of an end user is design thinking.


So, how do we master the art of being a designer? And the answer is; we master this art by bringing in psychological and social attributes of our target consumer base. Essentially this is to be executed in two phases:

Opportunity Phase

The phase focuses on finding out the areas within the social framework where a new product will bring a change.

Solution Phase

This aspect comes into action when we start zeroing in on the nature of the product which will cater to that need.

Here are the following pointers to master the art of designing:

  • Initiation of product development as an end user process rather than an organisational procedure.
  • Gathering human experience.
  • Prototyping ideas based on human needs.
  • Gauging real life scenario functionality of the ideas through prototypes.
  • Synergizing psychological compatibility with consumers.
  • Giving technology it’s deserved importance while embracing design as the superlative.
  • Anticipation of human needs when they have not surfaced yet.

Following flow of steps should conclusively summarize the process of mastering the art of designing; though this is not the end, this is just a preface for more literature to come on this.

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