How Growcer Ensures Success for Online Grocery Stores


Growcer is a turnkey solution especially built for grocery shopping websites. With plenty of research invested in making Growcer a practical solution, we made sure each online grocery shop built on Growcer delivers:

1. Great User Experience We all know that businesses thrive & stand out of the competition by delivering customers a richer user experience. Grocery shopping websites built on Growcer score quite well in that area. Whether it is the store owner or the end customers, for every user, using the website is as easy as it gets.

2. Marketing Features A huge disadvantage with building a website from the scratch is that you need to research for each and every feature that could be helpful in your business’s success. Moreover, integrating these features with your grocery shopping website would consume only more resources. Growcer, on the other hand, is developed keeping all the important elements in mind, marketing included. We have done all the hard-work, so that you don’t have to.

Social media integration: Social profile login/signup, social plug-ins of the business, and social media sharing of the products, Growcer ensures that you make the most of social media for your store’s success.

Affiliates: The Affiliate module helps you connect with right marketers who can help you expand your venture’s scalability.

SEO friendly: There’s no need of 3rd party plugin to make your grocery store optimized for search engines. Growcer’s default script has SEO related technical requirements already addressed.

Display ads: Hosting display-ads open up an additional source of revenue for your online grocery store.

3. Analytics Analytics are needed to make sense of all the traffic that interacts with your website. Analytics guide you on how to improve customer experience and what they’re looking for at your website. You also get to know the source of the traffic. Growcer comes with a built-in powerful analytics tool.

4. Mobile Friendly Mobile usage is continuously getting ahead of the desktop usage. And there is no denying the fact that most of your customers will be placing orders on the mobile. With that in mind, we have made the Growcer’s default theme responsive, so that your store is accessible and usable across all screen sizes. We have taken great measures in ensuring that the responsive layout of Growcer enables your grocery shopping website to deliver an uninterrupted user experience to mobile shoppers.


5. Value-added Features & Services Growcer is also packed with several value-added features such as extensive order, user, & product management, gift vouchers, discount management, multiple payment options, support for different eWallets, and 12 month technical support. All these features ensure that customers have a good time shopping on your online grocery store, and you have a good time running it.

6. Customization With time business goals & needs change as the market dynamics and industry trends alter. To ensure that you don’t have a tough time adapting to these changes, we have made Growcer completely customizable. Whether you need to add a new module, upgrade a feature or design a new theme to give your branded store a unique look & feel, everything is possible with Growcer.

Originally published here: Growcer: The Perfect Software to Set up Your Online Grocery Store 


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