Everything is Software: Tarkan Maner in conversation with MR Rangaswami

Tarkan Maner, Chairman and CEO, Nexenta in conversation with MR Rangaswami, Managing Director, Sand Hill Group

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Storage has transformed itself to become software-defined and has come to characterize this whole idea behind “Everything is software.” Disruption in IT industry has always been, but this alone has accentuated the rate at which disruption is happening to give sleepless nights to CEOs. From an org structure, it is important to run businesses in a democratized manner to address this constant threat of redundancy.

It is good to have disruptive models with open source and high growth margins, but one has to equally focus on operational excellence and team building. Nexenta supports the eco-system by investing in partner companies with an eye for long-term vision. He advised against getting in strategic investors too early in the game, and concede control prematurely. It is not even required for all companies to go the IPO way.   

Tarkan has been coming to India for over a decade now, and for him, it is pleasure to interact with people and see the eco-system mature very quickly. He pointed out that companies focused on the domestic market are also growing at a fast pace. On the same breath he added, almost eighty per cent of data centres globally are actually managed from Bangalore. The city is not just supporting the nation but the world as well in many ways.

He said that it is wrong to simply assume that there aren’t enough tech buyers in India. This is especially true when one considers govt. purchases. The buying spree is only getting stronger in India. He advised startups to visit the Valley and observe how global companies are investing in marketing activities. It is about building networks, channel partners and working closely with the government. As a parting shot he underscored once more, the potential in domestic demand for Indian IT companies.

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