How to Build An App For The Next Generation

In an increasing digital world, experts say that the future will mark a milestone in the processes of digital transformation and the development of new systems that will bring about an important change in the life of the next generation of relating to the next technology.


Here are some technological factors that could change the way how the next generation will be benefited with the use of mobile apps:


The technology that supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has long since transcended this functionality and for many experts 2018 is the year of its definitive takeoff. Blockchain or chain of blocks is a system that ensures the confidentiality and integrity of data and this fact makes it one of the most important technology trends of the next years.

The security offered by the blockchain is going to be indispensable for all types of economic transactions by banks or large companies that are already using it and developing for their businesses or to shield their customers’ data. Do you know which are the first large operations? What has been done in the USA with Blockchain?

But as we have indicated, Blockchain goes far beyond the economy and will be essential in such interesting subjects as digital contracts, the management, and recognition of title deeds, the treatment of medical records or donations or even the starting point for electoral processes via telematics.

Artificial Intelligence

Even if you do not know it, every day we use more Artificial Intelligence systems in everyday actions such as Google searches, our recommendations on social networks such as Facebook or Spotify or on the predictive keyboards of our mobile phones or in communication with customer services. to the client.

The bases are already in place and, from here, Artificial Intelligence will be one of the great technological trends in the near future that will directly affect our relationship with the Internet in aspects such as:

  • The processes of personnel selection and curriculum filtering by the human resources departments of companies that are already generalizing Artificial Intelligence systems for job search.
  • Artificial Intelligence Systems to face the new threats against computer security and that will be indispensable for the protection of the personal data of companies and users.
  • A new learning model that will rely on the advantages of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Education and that will be closely linked to the development of Machine Learning.
  • To these, we must unite the development of the chatbots of which you have surely heard in 2017 and which will continue adding functionalities to be more and more human.

Big Data

Very linked to the development of Machine Learning another of the major technological trends in 2018 has to do with the coming of age of Big Data systems and their application in the business world. We do not talk so much about the tools for adding data, but those that, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, will be able to predict consumer behaviors and trends.

Giving intelligence to the data will not only open up new scenarios and business expectations for companies, but it will also mean a revolution from the point of Administration that, like companies, will be able to know in real time the opinions and trends of consumers and citizens and in this way it make decisions immediately.

Internet of Things

Up to now, the possibilities of the Internet of Things have been very limited due to the lack of development of specific telecommunications networks for connected objects. The forecasts of the experts indicate that in the year 2020 there will be 20,000 million connected objects in the whole world and that it will be one of the main technological trends of future.

In the field of Internet of Things, and its role in the development and processing of data, it remains to be seen whether one of the future technological trends.

Virtual Reality and immersive experience

much has been talked about Virtual Reality in previous years and, in many cases, has been confused with Augmented Reality systems that can already be enjoyed in areas such as education. However, experts say that it will be one of the major upcoming trends and that it will have a direct effect on trade or in sectors such as Tourism.

The new forecasts for Virtual Reality extend the focus beyond entertainment (videogames or cinema) and take it to a true immersive experience in which users can interact directly with real or virtual objects which opens a whole range of new possibilities in our relationship with the virtual world and especially with our smartphones that, as a priority, will be the way of entry for this new experience.

Not only the new technologies but the way they will be brought into reality will be an interesting factor which shall raise the quality and cost of app development.

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