Latest iOS Mobile App Development Trends That Matter in 2018


The mobile app industry has become an essential part of our system and has been reshaping the business for years now. Every organization must integrate the mobile App technology into the business domain. The mobile app integration can garner maximum growth and increase the audience reach of your business/ organization.

A recent study shows that there are around 2 million applications available for the users in the App store. This means that there are a lot of options for the users to choose from and it also means that if you’re an app developer you need to keep up with the trends to outrun the competition. Your app needs to be loaded with the latest tech support to attract the majority of smartphone users.

These are the latest trends in iOS app development that matter the most in 2018 –

The Apple HomeKit –

The Apple’s HomeKit is a sensation as it offers exceptional range of benefits for the users. The HomeKit allows users to communicate as well as control all the connected devices and accessories with the help of an app. It makes everything much easier and of course, the Siri voice command has a major role in the HomeKit. It is voice command activated and a group can be created in order to record and keep tab of the voices of everyone in the house making it easy to use. This innovation has opened up a lot of scope for iOS app developers and the apps that can be integrated with the HomeKit will be trending in 2018.

Time of IoT Focused Apps has come –

Internet of things is almost a familiar term with majority. For all the app developers worldwide, internet of things has become more prominent than ever. The main reason for all the buzz that it created is that it also facilitates connection. For all we know, there are already a lot of iOS developers working on integrating internet of things to help connect the internet- enabled devices. The buzz around it is for real! And it has already helped developers create better connection facilities in the apps. There is going to be a prominent future for internet of things.

For the iOS app developers, internet of things can be an element of value-addition with the proper assistance to make it a lot easier for the end users. For instance, it can be integrated even in pharmaceuticals to help the professionals in developing temperature monitoring apps that detect the temperature and make sure it does not exceed beyond the permitted limits.

Apple Pay to Become More User-Friendly

“USER-FRIENDLY” is the word every developer should be looking for, not only the iOS app developers but Android app developers as well. It is a major concern that inspires the developers to innovate new features that come in handy for the users, thus making the app popular across the globe. The apple pay is all ready to become much more user-friendly this year.

So what is the exact definition of user-friendliness in a mobile app?

Let’s take a closer look into this. User friendly apps are the apps that a user can access easily and the app gets the work done efficiently without any problems. Apple pay is a revolutionary app created by apple that makes financial transactions easy for the users. Making the payments easy refers to more secured transactions and more trustworthy source of payment for the users. The apple pay has recorded over 500% jump in transactions by the users worldwide. The fact that it makes it easy for the users and allows them to forget their wallets and still being able to pay through their mobile is the icing on the cake! Near field communication embedded in the iPhones makes all this possible.

Augment Reality and The ARKIt

Augment reality is the next big thing! It is important to all the developers out there to incorporate AR in the new age of mobile apps. But, for iOS the focus has shifted towards ARKit. The release of iOS 11 has made it possible. The ARKit is here to help the developers to create 3D mobile applications as well as virtual- based mobile applications for the users.

Thanks to Amazon, it has joined hands with Apple and taken ARKit innovation to the next level to give an experience never felt before for the users. The help from Amazon ensures that the ARKit becomes more prominent to the users. This could be an invitation for the business to indulge in AR and VR. The client servicing requirements can be built using ARKit to give a better perspective for the clients as well as users. Apple is integrating the ARKit in its app development technique to create a virtual ecosystem that can be perceived by clients in their businesses.

High-Performance Hardware

Just like the ARKit, Apple is working on a high performance hardware update. Apple is working towards increasing the hardware support by integrating better and efficient processors into the device. It has the capacity to enhance many components like Lighting estimations, visual inertial odometer and virtual simulation etc.

The role of mobile app developers increases prominently as the high performance hardware is incorporated. In order to reach and utilize the full capacity of the new hardware, the app developers need to focus on building apps that cater to the new hardware and it can be a huge task and is going to keep the iOS app developers busy for the coming few years.


The iOS app industry is transforming like never before! The current era of the mobile apps is a milestone for iOS developers to follow further. The growing technology is keeping the mobile app developers on the run. You can say that the developers are innovating just to keep up with the vastly growing technology. Apple has this amazing strategy that brings new alterations after every few months to keep the users on the toe! The un-ending updates keep the apps fresh and contemporary to the competition. These are the few trends that matter in developing an iOS app in 2018.

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