Leveraging Digital for IT Services Leaders – a NASSCOM – IIM Bangalore Initiative

Another strategic initiative the NASSCOM IT Services Council has embarked upon is to evaluate and design a series of interventions aimed at supporting the leadership of the IT services industry successfully and leverage the opportunity that Digital represents. The global technology spend is expected to grow to $3.5 trillion by 2020 with 80 percent of incremental spend expected to be in digital technologies. While the scope of this opportunity is immense, the risk of not being able to leverage it is also very real.

  • How do CXOs of Indian IT services organizations cope with this today?
  • Are they adequately equipped to address these challenges and steer their organizations to create the right value propositions for their customers?
  • To transform their own organizations to stay relevant and competitive?
  • Is our leadership equipped to address the enormous opportunity that digital spends represent?

Towards this, NASSCOM and IIM Bangalore are planning to have a series of discovery workshops  – conversations with key senior executives of the industry, to understand what they see as leadership challenges, what has been done, including what needs to be done further. NASSCOM is looking to co-opt the industry to design and build this leadership resource platform to enable the Indian IT Industry to continue to stay competitive, and grab the immense opportunities that exist.

The two other areas being worked on: an initiative to rebrand the Indian IT services sector in our target markets, and improving engagement with member companies as well.

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