Strategies to Enhance Your App’s User Experience.


Finding the strategies for the success of mobile app development is a tricky job. If you consider two apps having same features and interface, but the success of each app depends on the ability to get user attention. Now a mobile app developer work is to identify the key point to retain the potential users of the app. Here, the user experience helps an app to improve the ability to engage the users.

User experience is a basic designing tool to make navigation of an app easy and user-friendly along with increasing brand awareness. Hence UX become a main factor to get success of a mobile app. Here are some effective strategies to enhance app’s UX and make it powerful.

Enhance your app’s sign-up screen:

Sign-up screen is the first impression of your app, so an app developer as to develop it simple and easy to execute. While designing, keep in mind the sign-up screen looks longer on mobile than desktop. Users expect sign-up process should be complete shortly so design that form which contains only essential information.

There is a chance that a potential user may leave your app if the act of confirming a password requires more effort. Users want an app which fulfil their needs with least effort. If you use email a way to confirm users make sure that navigation from email to app is in right way.

Meet the expectations of the target audience


App should be perfectly designed as per needs and expectations of the target audience. So app developer should understand the customer persona so that they can match their expectations. Analyse the user review and feedback from other app with same industry which you have to get an idea about the expectations of the users.

Simplifying the app’s navigation

The main secret to designing a perfect UX is to make navigation of an app simple and effortless. Now no one has patience to wait, so fast and easy navigation can retain the customer and improves the user satisfaction. The main criteria of designing is building awareness to the users about an app that what exactly is to be done next at every stage while using the app. The information about the app are shown by the features such as arrows, animations and call to action.

Optimizing the loading speed

Another statics that impact more on UX is loading speed. Slow loading not only inhibit the experience but also even force users to stop using the application. Therefore developers focus on the loading speed of an app, especially for video app and animations.

Additional to above points complementing the battery life is also important one because no one wants an app that drains out the phone battery, so developers has to develop app that do not drains the phone battery, data and memory.


A developer should understand and follow the above tips to make difference in user experience of the app. Whether it is Android app development or iPhone app development the developer need to give extra attention to this aspect. FuGenX Technologies develops a responsive and user friendly app, it is a leading mobile application development companies in UAE.


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