What is Audio and Video Conferencing and its Uses?

The way we conduct business and how we communicate with our employees and customers has changed due to the technological advancements. Employees now prefer to work remotely and do not want to be confined to their desks. To accommodate this shift, employers are adapting to utilize mobile devices, audio conferencing, video conferencing and other systems for effective communication. Yet, while utilizing them the question arises, what is audio and video conferencing? And, why is it so important for businesses to grasp these changes? Let’s find it out here. What is Audio Conferencing? Audio conferencing is where at least two individuals in various locations use technology like a conference bridge to hold an audio call. Audio conferencing is not quite the same as a traditional phone in that all participants dial into a central system that connects them rather than directly dialling each other. It aims at accomplishing communications and collaboration at the same time.

Many audio conferencing products may accompany online collaboration elements (similar to screen-sharing capabilities), to additionally enhance the value of audio meetings. What is Video Conferencing? When at least two individuals utilize digital platforms to communicate and collaborate with each other in order to accomplish a common goal adequately then it is known as a video conferencing. A unified and simple video conferencing solution which not just makes communication easy… Yet, it additionally lower the chances of having too many overlapping applications, simplifies troubleshooting and maintenance and saves everyone time and energy by lowering training needs.

Benefits of Audio and Video Conferencing in Business:

1. Reduces Travel Costs: It was not that long ago when all business meetings happened face-to-face, which involved travel, expense and time. However, through audio and video conferencing an organization can save a lot of time and money.

2. Keep Connected to Your Employees: If you have employees working from home or out on the road, through audio video conference system you can stay in touch with them consistently. It’s an extremely helpful way to keep in touch.

3. Increases Productivity: If collaboration is done well – it can increase productivity essentially. Audio and video conferencing can be conducted at any time, so you don’t need to waste additional time sorting out the meeting as you did in past. You can easily begin an audio and video call through your PC, mobile or another device essentially, increasing effectiveness and productivity.

4. Improves Teamwork: If you have large teams or members of staff at various locations, video conferencing will assist to unite them. Employees can share data and collaborate to make a better-informed decision, which will prompt better working relationships internally.

5. Effective Communication: Not just would you be able to hear people’s voices, through video conferencing you can likewise see the people you are communicating to, see their expressions, instant responses and body language. By hopping on a quick virtual meeting, people can define tasks, goals and actions in detail so that every other person is on the same page. It’s likewise an open door for people to ask questions, which is very significant as it can lessen human error essentially.

6. Training Many People at a Time: Organizations spend a lot of time and money on internal training programs. They tend to utilize traditional strategies for training their employees – such as a classrooms style session. However, a ton of time goes into arranging these sessions and guaranteeing there are sufficient resources for everyone. For example, we need to train 100 people but, we have a training room available for 20 people.

In this case, you may have to conduct 5 different sessions or more to cater to everyone – which is a time consuming process. By using an audio video conference system, you can easily overcome such kind of situations and save a lot of time. Conclusion: If you are thinking for an Audio and Video Conferencing Solution, you must ensure it can handle the demands of the current and remote workforce. The system needs to offer quality communication to enhance your working relationships with both your employees and customers alike.

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