Saying It For Hard-core Techies – Loud, Louder, Loudest

Who are these guys exactly? From an Indian standpoint, the imagery that remains etched in popular psyche is that of an individual who is nerdy, focussed to the point of being obsessed and pretty much married to technology.

What would you like to do on a lazy Sunday evening?

Perhaps catch a movie with your family, followed by dinner?

What would these guys do instead?

Code away merrily using Hadoop to derive their weekly share of entertainment? While not wanting to sound ridiculous and condescending, but many times that may actually be the reality for few. In process what has happened is that we have alienated those “nerds” and not given them enough recognition for their unique skills and passion.

We reward those who manage large teams instead. Nothing wrong with that of course, and it should continue in the same breath. At the same time, we have arrived at that juncture in history where individuals displaying pure tech skills should get rewarded, recognized and celebrated in equal measure. If that is what they like to do (write brilliant pieces of code) then let us encourage them and put a structure in place where they get due recognition and respect. There is no gainsaying that it’s their ilk which does the heavy lifting to create world class products.    

While it is fashionable to pose a question at every forum, why India is not able to come up with a Facebook – and unarguably it is justified – but perhaps the time has come for self-proclaimed evangelists to also delve deep and fathom, why the culture prevails where it is considered “high-end” to manage large teams, but writing codes is not. Why can’t techies be allowed to remain just that, and not be compelled to manage people and large projects to further their careers?

This is the philosophy behind the much avowed “NASSCOM Tech Engage” Program. A vision as large as this would obviously call for a phased approach. Typically we are looking at a 3-year window. In the earlier stages the scope would cover 6 Indian Cities (Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Pune & Kolkata), which in later stages will expand to include San Francisco, London and New York). It is an attempt to create a competitive environment through multiple hackathons, where participants are required to solve complex problems in the areas of IOT, Mobile, Machine Learning, Analytics, Social. The winners get a cash prize including the coveted badge of NASSCOM Tech Fellow.

A Brief on the Evaluation Parameters:


1. Creativity and Innovation

30 %

2. Viability of idea

3. Solution quality, Business value

4. Existing alternatives


5. Self-explanatory design

20 %

6. Interactive and creativity

7. Patterns/ Textures & Typography

8. UI/UX features

Code / Scalability

9. Coding standards adoption

20 %

10.   Algorithms, API and communication protocols

11.   Version control, Change management, Devops 

Overall solution

12.   Overall functionality completeness

30 %

13.   Maintainability of solution

14.   Innovative tools and techniques

15.   Code quality

If you are interested to learn more, why don’t you post your queries here, and we can attempt to show you a very attractive tech career path that celebrates technologists.   

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