Sundar Pichai Said : Solving your real-life problems with Google Duplex

Since the day I saw Terminator Genisys and iRobot, I dreamed of nothing else but capitalizing on AI to solve my real-life problems. Thanks to Google Duplex, I can proudly venture to say that I have come closer to realizing that aspiration. Now the smart Google AI can book my appointments at a hair salon and even reserve a table for 4 at a restaurant. Yes, Google Duplex is literally shouldering my burdens.

Google had been toiling at this technology for quite some time. The goal was to make the human-computer interaction as natural and seamless as possible. Google cracked the code with its recent Google voice search WaveNet. But the problem was that people still had an inkling that they were conversing with a machine, not a human. With Google Duplex, the human assumption element is no more. The product launch by Sundar Pichai in Google IO 2018 revealed how Google Duplex can help you complete your daily cores without stressing you out.

Google Duplex Demo from Google IO 2018 – YouTube 

Google Duplex is a modern-day technology which helps you achieve natural conversations in the real world over the phone. The technology is directed towards completing everyday trivial tasks which do nothing more than while away your time. For instance, be it scheduling a meeting with someone, re-scheduling appointments, or even updating the status of some urgent meeting, Google Duplex will help you sound human while communicating with others.

To operate, you need to trigger the Google Assistant with a command. For instance say, “Reserve a table for three at New York Pizza & Pasta at 6 pm tomorrow,” and the rest will be taken care of by Duplex. The AI feature in Google will ring New York Pizza & Pasta and reserve a place for two. And the best part, they won’t even know that a robot is talking to them. After the call, a confirmation SMS will be sent to you.

Google Duplex – The great & the wicked

Google Duplex is interesting because of the tone of conversation it uses to communicate. Apart from the natural conversation, it also intersperses speech disfluencies & natural pauses such as “umm” and “hmm” in between, which gives people an impression that they’re talking to a real person. The good part is that Google Assistant doesn’t sound like a droning machine at all.

Google Assistant also comprehends the context of the conversation. Even when the caller is not a native speaker, the AI still understands the tone and gets the job done.

Google Duplex is a total lifesaver for travelers who have difficulty in communicating in a local language.

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