TechNgage – The Bangalore Way

Somebody tweeted, if at first you don’t succeed, call it Version 1.0.

The Tech Engage in Bangalore (21st & 22nd May) witnessed 123 submissions, out of which 71% were from working professional and 29% from students. From IT Corporates – Infosys had a maximum number of submissions, at 6.

The top submission themes were: i) Citizen services, ii) Education & iii) Healthcare.

The Top 3 Ideas:

SmartCommute is an enterprise mobile application which will be used by commuters. Located in central server, the real-time data will also be used by the Transport Department for advanced analytics and used effectively in Transport Demand Management.

Smart.traffic is a Smart Traffic Management IoT Solution, using sensors deployed on/near roads. IoT gateway will send data regarding road congestion, to the cloud. The cloud can then make smart and optimal decisions regarding signal times. This data can be used further to analyze trends and patterns, to handle emergencies better.

TickiT is about simplifying the instant ticketing system, which are always cash transactions. The best example is bus ticket. A few of the concerns are, ‘no change’ or ‘loss of ticket’ or ‘balance not received’ etc. The vision is to build a ticket machine which can interact with a smart phone, a mobile application for passengers to add money to the wallet. The Ticket machine and traveller mobile app can then talk to each other to complete the transaction.

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