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TechNgage – The Chennai Way

The TechNgage Program in Chennai was on 11th June and we had 89 submissions for the same. Out of which, 43 teams got shortlisted. 72% were from working professionals and the balance 28% were students. Top submission themes for Chennai were: i) Citizen services, ii) Education & iii) Water. From IT Corporates – Cognizant had a maximum number of submissions, at 8.

Top 3 Ideas:

GreyGalaxy. Recently the Government of India had made it compulsory for all mobile phones to be sold after January-1-2017, to have Panic Buttons and GPS, to ensure that safety of women is not compromised. This Project is built to provide an alternative software-based panic button and sensors, which will trigger an alert in case of danger.

SaveMom is an initiative to solve health related problems of women during pregnancy. A wearable that can not only monitor women’s health, but also provides timely alerts, on when to take medicines and go for health check-ups. Save mom is the world’s first smart wearable, to monitor and alert health status to the doctor and relatives. The device is currently built with Flora wearable prototype board, which is connected to sensors, such as, bluetooth, accelerometer and LEDs.

Smart Water. Alarming increase of water pollution throughout the world is now hitting us back with a vengeance, and despite many initiatives and control measures which have been tried. The level of water pollution is so high that it is time for mankind to adapt to mitigation measures for protection. To provide detailed analysis and forecasting of parameters in a water body using an Unmanned Surface Vehicle, the proof of concept of this project has been developed. With this technique, the aim is to provide detailed water resources monitoring solutions, at a very low cost.

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