TechNgage – The Hyderabad Way

The Tech Ngage in Hyderabad (28th May) witnessed 65 submissions, of which, 60% were from working professional and 40% from students. From IT Corporates – Kony Labs had a maximum number of submissions, at 7. The top applications were in Secured City, Smart Commute, and Green City.

The Top 3 Ideas:

FirstResponder. The Goal is to build a solution to improve human safety, women’s security, provide improved response to social problems, build quality education through hassle free college environment & have better work places for engaged employees. A mobile solution will be made available to citizens, students and partners. In the eventuality of a natural calamity or any other urgent situation, the app will help to easily report the incident. Responders can then reach out to the exact location and provide timely support.

Hybrid Smart Data Systems is a Proof-of-Concept (POC), to demonstrate the power of  effective Smart City digital solutions for essential services, which greatly improve the quality of life for citizens, through leveraging vast data from various departments, building algorithms and performing analytics to identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

SAHAAYUKTA…, [always helping]. The biggest issue in urban or smart cities is the management of emergency vehicles in traffic to save lives and time. Fast manipulation of traffic signals through message passing is used, so that emergency vehicles can move faster. By this traffic organization in urban cities will be made better.

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