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The Tech Engage in Pune on 4th June kicked off rather spiritedly and immediately started trending as “Hackathon War Room.” We had 86 submissions, 61% of which were from working professional and 39% from students. From IT Corporates – Persistent had the maximum number of submissions, at 11.

The Top 3 Ideas:

Project Smart Green (Energy). It is an open platform where Green Energy Manufacturers, Green Energy Financiers, Green Energy Investors, Green Energy Producers can seamlessly interact with each other to trade, to produce and consume E-Watt Crypto-tokens.

Emergency – an ultimate and smart safety app (Citizen Services). From a woman’s security standpoint, this addresses the common enough challenges. There are a whole lot of features that help identify who the offender is, and notify alert features to contacts on phone.

Edunova: Discover Yourself (Education).  It is a social, community and game based learning platform.

Let us know your thoughts on ideas / solutions which are specific to the region.

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