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Why Secure Messaging Platform is Important In An Organization


To live in a connected world and transact business through internet calls for a protective net to prevent data theft and leakage. Encryption provides the required safety-net for an uninhibited and secure messaging and exchange of data.

Most of us have online Avatars. We dump hell lot of loads of our personal information in cloud servers and transmit it through the net. Encryption is like a wall between you and the external world on the porous medium of the internet. It helps in preventing third parties from viewing and accessing your personal data.

Encryption is a process to shield data by scrambling it with a secret code and which can be unscrambled by only those having its key. It ensures secure chat and your messages reach only to the intended and not to unscrupulous elements prowling on the net.

Communication is the lifeline for businesses. In the present-day scenario, a vast amount of business data and personal information are managed online and stored on cloud servers. Encrypted communication becomes imperative to protect information and data that you send and receive from third parties and service providers. Sensitive and business-affecting information needs to be exchanged on secure chat platforms to achieve the objective of secrecy and security.

Essentially there are two types of encryptions in vogue – three-party encryption known as “Client-Server Encryption” and two-party encryption otherwise popularly known as “End-to-End Encryption”.

In the Client-Server encryption protocol, the sender, receiver as well as the service provider are privy to the exchanged information. The problem with giving service providers access to your data is that they may not act in your best interest always.

On the other hand, end-to-end encryption ensures that even the service provider cannot peep into your messages and communiques.

Why Encryption?

Every technological innovation carries a price tag in the form of associated risks. Corporates end up paying up with their privacy if convenience and speed are their only consideration while choosing a unified communication platform. Statistics turned out by research on data privacy leaks tell us astonishing stories. The absence of encrypted messaging will leave corporates and business entities in the hands of hackers and phishers.

A recently concluded research guesstimated that 2.8 billion customer data records were “compromised” and are out in the public domain as at the end of 2017. What is more horrifying is that it is expected to triple within five years, amounting to $8 trillion’ worth of financial losses. Against this background of rising digital risks, secure messaging becomes vital for the safety of everyone involved.

End-to-end encryption of all communications and streaming data is a proven strategy against data breach. Yet, of the many products on the market, most fail to adequately address the problem because they encrypt only selectively and at certain stages of data transmission from source to destination. Business messenger like Troop Messenger (TM) provides fully secured and safe end-to-end encryption of all data for businesses to breathe easy. The audio and video capabilities in Troop Messenger are fully quarantined from potential eavesdropping.

Encrypted messaging is the sole insurance against data thefts. Trusted channels of communication are essential if connected society is vital for businesses. It is as simple as that and as necessary as that. We rest our case, Your Honour!

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