Growcer offers a platform to deliver online grocery stores and meets unique needs and specifications of each business. With this system, you can start your own eCommerce businesses focusing on online grocery. Every store built by Growcer is designed to help sellers give unforgettable buyer experience to their shoppers.

Among its innovative features is the cart sharing functionality that allows friends and family to share the same cart while shopping online. This facilitates shopping between two or more people, speeding up their time at the store, streamlining their shopping process, and getting you paid much faster.


Customers are always looking for convenience and that is the main factor when they shop online. With Growcer, you can add that element by delivering their groceries when and where they want. They basically have the power to choose the time and the place, making product shipping and management convenient for them and for you.

Receiving and processing payments with Growcer is a breeze for both your business and your shoppers. You can opt to let your customers pay via COD (cash on delivery), online payments via credit and debit cards, or straight from their online wallets.

Growcer helps improve transparency by allowing customers to submit their reviews and ratings on your products. Customer reviews are now critical in influencing shoppers’ purchasing decisions and with such functionality, you are making it easy for your shoppers to make smart purchases. That said, you have the power to control and manage product reviews and ratings, eliminating spam and abuse messages from the equation.

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