Nirmalya’s Rule Based & GPS enabled MBC Mobile Application

Power distribution utilities and franchises require accuracy in managing revenue and data, and currently face challenges in fulfilling this need. With a growing need for mobility solutions, these utilities require solutions which can empower both the back-office and field crew, and provide them with the latest information which can improve operational efficiency and bring revenue benefits. NirmalyaLab‘s mPravaah is a unique and proven solution which brings the power of mobility to address the challenges of revenue reconciliation, workforce management, and need for real-time updates. Built on the Android platform, mPravaah reduces billing cycle time, improves metering accuracy, facilitates on-time billing reconciliation, monitors field crew and allows for network updates. Our solution allows for two-way communication of handheld device with the billing engine to enforce total energy accounting and capture information for updating network data. The mobile solution integrates seamlessly with the legacy billing and GIS systems. In addition, the solution offers consumer selfservice, leading to improved consumer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. The mPravaah product suite offers support across three key areas:

  1. Allows DISCOMS to take the metering, billing and collection processes to the next level. Improves the workforce efficiency by as much as 50 percent when compared with the utility’s legacy solutions.
  2. Provides DISCOMS personnel to gain access to the consumer’s metering, billing, profile and collection data during site visits. In addition, the solution gives information on the consumer’s consumption pattern.
  3. Empowers DISCOM consumers to access their profile, metering and revenue information using state-of-the-art mobile self-service. Consumers can also give their feedback to the DISCOM which can help improve services and increase customer satisfaction.

Key Features :

  • GPS enabled
  • Works offline
  • Allows for real time data synchronization
  • SMS and email notifications to consumers and field crew
  • Enables additional work allocation
  • Provides reporting, MIS and Analytics
  • Connects with various printers
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Provides access to the latest information
  • Easy integration with legacy system

Key Benefits :

  • Real time tracking of the workforce
  • Optimised route plan from historical data
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Improved workflow reporting
  • Reduced billing cycle
  • Accurate energy accounting 
  • Increased customer satisfaction

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