Remote Monitoring

McKEN Solutions Cellular(GSM/GPRS/3G) Remote Monitor and Control (RMC) platform enables customers to monitor and control various assets. These devices can be used for monitoring and control of equipment like streetlight, motors, generators, compressors etc. It’s small, rugged and lightweight aluminum design makes it easy to install and use in multitude of applications. Numerous I/O’s offered allows customers option of monitoring and control of a range of external hardware units like, RFID, meters, sensors, solenoids, relays etc. Messages are transported across the cellular network using GPRS/3G messaging providing a reliable communications link between the device and customers application servers.  We also provides unique Firmware upgrade Over the Air (FOTA) and Configuration over the Air (COTA) features. The  RMC  platforms are designed to dramatically reduce cost of ownership while providing excellent field reliability.

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