Did you know………….

by Jibu Elias

  • Apple is make a strategic move to become an online services player introducing an online video streaming service, a premium news app, a gaming service and a credit card. This brings them in direct competition with Facebook, Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Video and others
  • By 2020, the average person in the advanced economies will have more conversations with chatbots than with their spouse. The forecast is that 5% of consumer-facing websites will feature audio interfaces such as voice-enabled social chatbots – Gartner
  • As of 2018, India is the largest consumer of data globally, surpassing China, USA and Japan. Indian mobile user consumes over 2,360 Petabytes of data through mobile phones every year – E&Y report
  • The encryption of financial systems around the world will be at risk in the medium term with the rise of Quantum Computers, which will be able to crack any code in a reasonable period of time – Economist
  • The global leader in robotics is Amazon, which uses 30,000 robots in its warehouses across the world. The potential cost savings for Amazon is $2.5 Billion per year – Bloomberg

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