How Technology Is Changing The Face Of HR

Technology is evolving at a very fast pace. Businesses need to keep up with the latest technology trends to operate more efficiently and to become successful. Using latest technology helps the company to provide their customers a better service and keeps them ahead of competitors.

With the emerging technology, Human Resource Management has undergone a paradigm shift over the past few years. The following disruptive trends in technology are fundamentally reshaping the way we work and how we think about HR-

Increasing Use Of Artificial Intelligence

AI is now most commonly used by HR, particularly the recruiters, to screen out the unfit candidates, taking robotic interviews and assessing the hard skills of the candidates. By using AI, the managers can now focus on conducting the soft skills and culture-fit evaluation of the candidates. Also, the automated process is free from any personal bias and it’s getting easier to find skilled people who are a great fit for the company. AI is also being used by HR to conduct the training of employees through the use of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Mobile Apps

The smartphone is likely to dominate the HR landscape. With the growing use of mobile apps, companies are developing separate apps for different functions like HR to access the related information and solutions anytime, anywhere and from any device. The mobile apps are the future and the companies should keep working towards improving their apps in order to provide a better and hassle free service to the employees and customers.

Social Media

Social Media plays an active role in HR today, especially when it comes to recruitment. HR department can use social media not only for recruitment purpose but for employee engagement as well. Social media also offers other benefits to HR professionals by providing all the updates about technology and various other trends prevalent in the market. With the help of social media, recruiters can reach the target audience in a short span of time and this is one of the major reasons why social media is growing popular among the HR professionals.

Use of Analytics

By using data analysis tools, various parameters like employee performance, employee attrition rate, retention rate etc. can be easily assessed by the HR managers to take necessary decisions. Gone are the days when HR people used to depend on excel sheets and legacy systems to draw certain inferences and take decisions. It has become much easier to analyze the data and derive conclusions with the use of analytics in HR processes.

Digital Technologies facilitate greater integration and flexibility thus allowing employees to have a great voice and share their work experience. HR professionals must leverage these technological trends in order to operate more effectively and efficiently and to keep their workforce satisfied.

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