Seeking Inputs: Labor Codes on Social Security and Industrial Relation 2019

Dear Members,

As you are aware, the Government is undertaking labour reforms to rationalize and simplify existing labor laws by codifying them into four Labour Codes i.e. Codes—on wages, social security, industrial relations, and health, safety and working conditions. Out of these, the Code on Wages has already been passed by the parliament and awaiting its affective date of implementation. The Code on safety, health and working condition was introduced in the last monsoon session and was sent to Standing Committee for its examination. The report of the Standing Committee is yet to be tabled.

The last two Codes i.e. the Codes on Industrial Relations 2019 and Code on Social Security 2019 were introduced in the last parliament session and sent to the Standing Committee on Labor under the Chairmanship of Shri Bhartruhari Mahtab, MP for examination. The committee has been given 3 months’ time to submit their report.

The committee has now issued a Public notice dated 1st January 2020, seeking comments from the stakeholders to submit their views /concerns on both Social Security Code 2019 and Industrial Relations Code 2019 by 15th January 2020.

We are therefore writing to seek your inputs /suggestions on both these Codes and shall be grateful if you could share feedback with us share your feedback with us in the below format latest by 9th January 2020.  Kindly email your inputs to and

  1. Code on Social Security 2019 ;
  2. Code on Industrial Relation 2019
Section /Sub-Section /Clause /Proviso of the code Issue / problem in the relevant clause Proposed change / correction that is suggested Reason for the proposed change


Text of both these Codes can be accessed from the below links:

We look forward to your response.

Policy Team

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