Aligning your Sales and Marketing functions – A Special Interest Group Launch

The lack of alignment between sales and marketing functions in an enterprise is an age-old problem, frequently lamented, yet rarely addressed or solved. A new survey shows the lack of alignment is actually becoming a bigger problem today and the disconnect is having a direct effect on top and bottom line performance.

This is a feedback from about 1000 Sales and Marketing Professionals – 55% of Sales professionals said they want better quality leads from Marketing, while 34% of Marketing professionals said they want better lead follow-up from sales. So how do you get your sales and marketing teams in the same room, speaking the same language, and moving in the same direction?

NASSCOM launched the Sales & Marketing Special Interest Group (SIG) at an event in Hyderabad on 18th February 2016 to answer this very question, how to align your sales and marketing functions to drive revenue, increase profits, improve ROI and delight customers.

The event saw addresses by BVR Mohan Reddy, ex-Chairman, NASSCOM & Founder & Executive Chairman, Cyient Limited and keynote speeches by Umberto Milletti, Founder and CEO, Insideview

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