Batman Vs Superman: The Story on Sales and Marketing

In the recent blockbuster movie Batman Vs. Superman, without knowing each other well, Batman and Superman fought their way through dramatic turn of events only to realize how they could be each other’s greatest allies. Let’s see how this reflects sales and marketing in real world. 10 years ago, sales was essentially looked at as a person driven engagement – there was a notion that without a sales person, nothing can be sold. From low value items to large value items, customers were used to meeting a person to buy something.  And marketing was only seen as a market prepping engagement. In fact, sales and marketing were like the Batman and Superman doubting each other of creating complications and chaos in the world.

Then came Wonder Woman in the movie, who changed the way Superman and Batman looked at themselves and how their coming together is more important for a better world – just like how technology helped effectively align sales and marketing. The lines between marketing and sales are being redrawn and in some cases they are fast diminishing with advanced tools and channels powered by technology. Nevertheless, contrary to the notion of 2 discrete departments, we are witnessing significant overlap in sales and marketing functions where they are addressing the market opportunities as a unified business unit – now comparable to the ‘Justice League’ that is addressing the chaos brought in by monsters from different realms.

In the B2C space, especially in retail space, Big Bazaar has one floor staff for roughly every 412 sq. ft. of floor space. They rely on marketing for driving traffic to their stores and for increasing customers’ at-the-floor purchases. On the other hand, Flipkart and Amazon focus on the same objectives but execute with a huge technology arsenal – with no stores or sales person. Yet the turnover for both these models is staggering. The role of technology and the way sales and marketing function together are so obvious in the B2C space which buries the discreteness six feet under.

In the B2B space, sales teams are using a number of apps and tools to keep their targets engaged and have in turn taken over a significant portion of the marketing function as well. On the other hand, in addition to prepping the market for favorable sales environment, marketing function leverages evolving technologies to take over the initial sales cycles – most often till consideration stages. For high value deals, they collaborate with the sales team to cover the last mile as well.

In summary, the alignment between sales and marketing only seems to improve with technology – just like how Wonder Woman made Superman and Batman come together for a greater cause. What more is in the store is only to be explored – of course, I am not referring to the next movie.

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  1. Great post ‌…loved the analogy of Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman to Sales, Marketing and Technology

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