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We are all going through an exceptional situation, challenged by Covid-19. It is not business as usual anymore, it t is about business as unusual. We will be facing significant changes in our thought process, activity, whether at the operational or marketing level. Here is a short article, that helps you to think ‘How to market in a lock-down period against the current odds’. How to spend your efforts on content marketing in times of crisis?. The buying behaviour has changed, whether in B2B or B2C. So how do you successfully adapt your content marketing operations to this new situation?

Content marketing is a strategic business communication process for business outcomes. This process consists of planning, creating and distributing valuable, relevant content about your products and services that assures to attract specific audience to bring in revenue.

Content marketing is a communication process in which your marketing team produce content in the form of text, images, video and graphics and distribute it to users on different channels. This process will strengthen the brand and brand identity, brand recall and close direct deals. Content marketing through digital mode is an ideal solution for small and medium-sized businesses, where budgets can be controlled and reach out to a large potential customer base is very high.

Content marketing for Small and Medium companies delivering IT products & Services.

Content marketing for SMEs can take advantage of the fact that potential customers on the internet can access content to learn about products and services. By aligning its web presence with this need and offering informative and diverse content, a business can increase its visibility. At the same time, it faces competition, since texts and content must stand up to other sources of information.

Content marketing for SMEs is particularly appropriate when a company offers technology products or services and wishes to retain its customers over the long term. Detailed information, product demos and transparency help build trust. The content communication measures must be based on a clear strategy, from the determination of the target group to the choice of content formats and the measurement of its success.

The essential components of the content marketing value proposition of an SME are:Define a target audience: make it clear who you are targeting.

Key messages: What do you deliver to your audience ?

Value Propositions: Do you provide useful information, inspirational messages, advice on your industry or something else?

Content Types: Plan for content types such as website, landing page, blogs, webinars and podcasts. There are 101 types of content, based on the product/service; we can plan the types.

Goals: Whether SaaS / On-premises / Plug-in tools for enterprise applications or consulting services, what are your goals in sharing information with your audience? Is your goal to grow your business?Is it increase your number of subscribers/user base or retain?

Conversion: Transform a certain percentage of visitors into buyers? Keep the results up to date so that anyone involved in your business can understand your goals.

Simple Content approach for a start-up SME:

Identify your target audience. The more you define and narrow down the audience, it is an advantage to have personal communication.

Communication channels: Have a professional website suitable for all gadgets. Statistics says, around 70% are mobile users, and they must have visibility on the web thanks to a dedicated website.

Promotion: Run a promotion campaign on with limited resources directs to landing pages, with laser-focused value propositions.

Search Marketing: Work on the SEO of your website. Make the website or the landing page informative and call to action orientated. Connect with local directories and sites such as Google My Business service. Your website is only of interest if people can find it easily.

Identify customer advocates: Set up a sponsorship program who can better speak of your products than your customers and help you attract new customers?

In this troubled period, questions may arise: should we intensify our communication efforts, or on the contrary, should we pause our marketing activity?

Content marketing is finding a place more than ever during these times of confinement imposed by the COVID crisis19. It allows you to hit any target, while all trade shows and meetings are cancelled. In times of physical distance from customers, companies must intensify their digital presence on the internet to maintain the link. Content marketing is one of the main tools for digital marketing. Creating and sharing content types such as blogs, Giffs, white papers and videos are vital in attracting and preserving your audience. A right content strategy makes it possible to produce better and more useful content in times of crisis.

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