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If you dont stay ahead from communication clutter, then you are nowhere.

Take a step back and think about the constant downpour of communication you are exposed to in your daily life. Right from social media posts to the endless discussions on the news channels, your brain is being inundated with information. As marketers you can only imagine what your target customers are going through when you surround them with content communicating a million benefits, details, how-tos, and tips. How do you cut through this fatigued attention span and grab your target audience’s attention? How do you use your content to communicate effectively? Let’s check 4 smart tips to incorporate effective communication in your digital marketing strategy.

Be straightforward in your communication

Always clarify the purpose of your communication right at the start – whether it’s your blog post’s title or the introduction text. Never mislead readers with click-bait content that leads them to a completely different site or blatant marketing content. Similarly, a software company posting completely unrelated content such as DIY tips consistently can keep the audience engaged but will bring in no results. Yes, your content has gathered a lot of crowd with this click-bait content. But this crowd is of no use to you because none of them belong to the persona your organization is seeking.

Never make false or untested claims

Not even giants like Nutella and Standard Chartered bank were immune to the repercussions of making false and untested claims in their content. This disastrous approach not only breaks their trust in you but also increases the scope for legal complications. Content that talks about non-validated or imaginary numbers and statistics, biased recommendations or fake top X lists, or factually incorrect content are all examples of this unhealthy approach.

Mix in customer-generated content

Customer-generated content is one of the most effective forms of communication in any digital marketing strategy. This is why case studies centering on the customer have become ever so popular, especially while digital marketing IT products and services. Take a look at IBM, Cognizant, Infosys, Accenture, and all the other technology websites and landing pages. These pages churn out case studies almost by the minute. This approach definitely delivers confidence to potential customers, since this is a direct testimony of your capabilities.

Treat leads with respect

Most of your potential customers are directed to fill forms alongside an article or an advertisement. They diligently fill up the fields and click on “submit”. But then they are blindly led to a blank page or the home page with no further information.  This approach drives away many potential customers because they’ve no clue of what this exercise was all about. At the other end of the spectrum, overwhelming your potential customers with prying questions and details will make them suspicious of your intentions or abandon the form halfway. Either ways, you were incredibly ineffective in communicating the purpose of the form and asking just the right questions.

The essence of effective communication – straightforward and intelligent content

The core of any digital marketing strategy is trust and effective communication through content reinforces this trust with your potential customers. Never communicate to your audience with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Your audience will invariably sense your ill intentions and blacklist you.  On the other hand, steer clear of fuzzy and vague content that confuse your readers. Smart content enables effective communication with your audience. So, why not take a step back and assess the effectiveness of your content strategy right away?


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