Is it prime time for Data, the ‘glue’ that brings Sales and Marketing together?

In today’s fully connected world, Data is the “glue” that brings Sales and Marketing teams working together. This discussion, held on 11 April 2016 in Mumbai, by the Sales and Marketing SIG focused on the need for alignment of Sales and Marketing for Organisational Success. This event, the second in the series discussed how Data can help both teams work together in harmony for Business Advantage.

Sales professionals need to engage prospects BEFORE they firm up a buying decision; “Data” is what helps them understand, analyze behaviour, scoring models & triggers to move closer to a deal. Additionally, “Data” is the reason why more Marketing Budgets are moving from offline to online. Thus, marketing is intricately tied to Data. So the understanding and usage of data becomes critical for all aspects of an organization. 

Data growth is exponential…This leaves us with a multitude of challenges – data decay, accuracy, completeness, relevance…

What challenges do you face as marketers to acquiring, maintaining and effectively using meaningful data?

The event saw the keynote address by Sreekant Lanka, Head of Sales Solution, Google and a Panel Discussion on Role of Technology in keeping Data useful for Sales and Marketing teams with speakers including Sri Krishnakant Prabhala, Senior Director – Content Systems Development, S & P Global Market Intelligence and Varad Kamini Arora, Vice President & Head – Digital Marketing & Communications, Datamatics among others.

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