Lessons from Leaders Worth Sharing

Initiating this discussion to identify some of the best lessons from leaders that impacted the way we think, approach or work. 

To kick start the discussion – here is a lesson that came from one of the shortest debates on attributing a win, and in fact a very relevant one, that I’ve witnessed in the corporate world.  

When the sales leader said “we put in our best, struggled and converted this tough prospect to a win today – we deserve full credits”, the marketing leader countered saying “we brought this prospect to your pipeline. It would have been impossible to even reach them without our support” and the product leader complicated it by saying “It was only because of my product’s features and benefits that this deal is won”, the business leader stepped in and said “the competition is outside this company – don’t waste your energy fighting each other for credits”. The laconic leader gave a strong message on working as a team to achieve our goals (in fact, I was a part of this team that won more than a 100 deals in less than 2 quarters from the time of this debate to achieve a tripe digit sales growth)  

Have you come across such interesting conversations with leaders that changed the way you work? Feel free to share them. 

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