Marketing Strategy- Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

An acronym of Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action which can easily be used to develop an amazing content marketing strategy that generates results for any type of product or service. It’s all based on the marketing funnel and where your buyers are in their buying cycle.


This is the process by which your audience is learning your products, services, or problem. The audience only knows that they want some information about something, either a product or a solution to a problem.

Your job at this stage is to provide articles, advertisements, webinars, podcasts, paid search, landing pages, and other informative content freely on your website, and via download of a white paper or other freebie type in exchange for their email address. This type of content will help your audience become educated about their problem, and help inform them about your solution.


At this point, your audience has an interest in the product. Hopefully, they have signed up for your email list or at least come to your web page. You can use a lot of technology at this point, such as sending them emails if they signed up for your freebie. You can also remarket to them using the Facebook pixel to bring them back to your site.

Now you’ll need to provide web content, email marketing content, newsletters, social media content, and more targeted content so that you can turn their interest into desire. Let them know why your product is better than the competition’s.


It’s likely that your audience already has the desire to make a purchase at this point. You can build that desire by being more explicit regarding the benefits of your offerings. By fully explaining how your product or service solves the problems of your audience, you can make them desire your product.

At this point, you can provide informative white papers, e-books, brochures, and more information to help you persuade your audience to make a purchase. Show them what others have accomplished with your products and make them want them.


Nothing is more important than the call to action. No matter how good the rest of your copy is, without a clear CTA your audience may not act. If you want to cause them to act, bring out all the big guns. Cause your audience to react by making a purchase. Case studies, testimonials, factual data, and even courses can work to persuade your audience to finally make a purchasing decision

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  1. With data analytics, I think we can get rid of the ‘interest’ stage, since marketing now targets based on consumer profiling, targeting the audience that is already or might already be interested. 
    Content marketing strategy should be divided into three stages – Awareness, Consideration(Desire) and Decision(Action)

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