New Age Services and Age Old Support

Author: Arun Shetty, Director – Collaboration Sales, Avaya, India

I just arrived at Bangalore airport, I used the App to book a taxi and I am on my way home; this works for me all the time and everywhere. I am a very happy customer of this “App based Taxi Service”, their services are excellent and finally the payment is automatic through a Mobile Commerce Platform or e-wallet Service.  I get the receipt emailed to me and the best thing is I get a “Promotional Discount” every time I take a ride – Thanks to these New Age Services, it is “Simple, Transparent, Effective and Cheaper”.

It’s not all Hunky Dory though, One of my friends is having issues for the past 3 months.  He has “Added Money” to the e-wallet but it is not reflecting on the “Taxi App” because of which he is not able to use the services. He has sent multiple emails to the e-wallet Service Company but they are not able to address and resolve this issue. The result is two companies (Taxi Services & e-wallet service) have lost a potential client and has resulted in an unsatisfied customer. His view is, “I wish I could call them to explain the issue and get this resolved”. He believes that the traditional Voice call will help. Many of these “New Internet/App Based” Services companies have no Inbound or Outbound Voice Support. They clearly mention “No, there is no number as of now that you can use to get in touch. You can however, write to  or reach us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus”.

Voice Support: Is it an Age Old Outdated Service?

Voice Support Channel works for many of us.  I have been using Credit Card services from this particular bank from past over 15 years, I am very happy with their services and one of the Services I really love is their “Contact Center”. If I have any issues and information required, I call the contact center,  key in my credit card number, the support executive answers the call, he/she knows who I am, listens to me, understand the issue and 99% of the time the issue is resolved immediately. In summary, this Bank knows their customers, believes in customer support, empowers their support executives for immediate resolution of issues and has a Contact Center Infrastructure for a great “Customer Engagement”.

It is important for all the New Age Services Companies (e-Tailing, Mobile Commerce, App Based Services etc.) to understand the causes of poor customer satisfaction; they can’t ignore their customers who want voice channel for support. Often premium high value customers (the ones no franchise could afford to lose) will not have the time or inclination for repeated interactions on the same issue/ problem which makes it all the more critical to have all channels of communication open and effective. Leave the choice of channel to the customer.

Today “Simple but Powerful Collaboration Solution” is available, easy to deploy and supports Multi-Channel.  Contact Center Solution helps Companies to focus on ability to close the customer’s issue in a single interaction immaterial of the channel the customer opts for.  Companies can start with few agents and add agents as required.

Yes, customers have changed, interactions have changed – more mobile, more social but companies have to anticipate customers’ choice of how they want to be served. They will need to understand the causes of poor customer satisfaction and have to easily adapt to tomorrow’s changing customer expectations.

In conclusion, companies need to support customers who say “I will text, email, or chat. Please don’t make me call” ‘AND also the customers who say “I am okay to call but please don’t make me text, email or chat”.

“New Age Services” Companies can’t ignore “Age Old traditional Voice Support”.

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