Re: How can we combine the campaigns of Lead generation and sales prospecting

Loved this topic and well said ‌. It is always a fine blend of sales and marketing (of course the boundaries are being redrawn). I agree with your views of skimming the target list for valuable prospects and then approaching this creamy layer targeted campaigns. ‘s view on ABM applies very much here once the inroads are made. 

And you nailed it when you pointed out ‘uniqueness of your message’. The content is always a great catalyst in how the campaigns perform. In my opinion, a more valuable approach could be to identify the right kind of message flow through the sales cycle for various target segments and accordingly personalize content for high impact. This would often make content marketers go crazy with the number of messages, tracks, personas and complementary assets they create. But yes, with effective content and campaign management approaches, results should be great for a well thought out campaign. Just out of curiosity, have you figured out a way to assess content effectiveness?

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