“Trust take years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair”

21st century has proven itself to be the golden time in which all the nations are under rapid progress. Each and every sector such as railways, defense, education, agriculture; name any of them has been enhanced over years. Media works as the most powerful tool now-a-days by providing us with the strongest and weakest areas and annual agendas of a country. However it is not an unknown revelation that most of the fuss we a fed with is entirely fake.

In a developing nation, such as ours, journalism is highly influenced by politics. When strikes, elections or flash mob protests take place, the news which common people are engaged with are heavily politicized. The days of impartial news reporting are pretty much over.  It could be well observed that some news channels politically biased. Hence maximum reports are partial. Fox channel is republican party biased and MSNBC clearly favors democratic party the US. These reports are not absolute for sure.

‘Misleading headlines’ is the worst that news papers do to a reader’s trust. Media portrays every second news with a very misleading title in order to make it seem catchy. As a result, people are left fooled and frustrated after going through the whole report. Bollywood gossips on news channels and page- 3 on papers are the most molded stories of all the time. A large section of the society is very much interested in reading to have fun and publishers are benefitted by providing them with juicy gossips, whether true or not.

Another source of crime reports are Savdhaan India, Gumraah, Crime Patrol which run on entertainment channels but claim that their content are based on true stories. As per me, these are the most dangerous reports that people take into account. Where groups discussed joyful events then, now most of them keep discussing about crime episodes. Such episodes provide ideas to commit a clean crime.

All these things  have created an atmosphere of distrust within people who believe that true knowledge is power  and fake news has ruined the sanity of such power and damaged reader intellect. In order to get rid of  this distrust , a solid layer of belief should be plated amongst the society.

To do this, firstly all readers should be well aware of the fact that most of the news are nothing but wasteful junks. Many people still do not know that they are being fed with wrong information. Information plays a key role in national  fraternity . Therefore, awareness must be spread about the reality of any news that is shown . An organization of highly well informed people can be setup to intrest common people in training themselves to differentiate between real and fake news. Also ,this wood weaken the TRP of such contents and through a message towards media that we will not tolerate any junk .

 “a wrong information  works no less then junk food for the gut of a brain”

Young generation of all the countries spends most of their time on social media. It is a known fact that political parties and celebrities have their own social media managers which keep looking for influencing the online users. Such sponsored reports are completely biased and there is no proof for them to be real. People are often seen fighting on comment threads and sometimes they turn into real riots. A cast based riot occurred in Chhattisgarh an year ago because a juicy gossip on social media is such an example. The power of youth should not be wasted due to unreliable online news. Means to check such fake news must be maintained by websites. Autocorrecting of fake news and deleting them would be very helpful. Also, elders must keep an eye on what influences their children. If an information found harmful or unreal, must be reported by online users immediately. Online portals must be considered reliable only after putting them into multiple tests. This will help real news portals to rise among the internet and provide pure reports. Also, this will help youth in believing in what is truest to its knowledge.

“History is the proof that the more powerful a disbelief in society exists, more they miss great opportunities”

Calls and messages related to jobs, lottery worth crores are whole another level of lies. Although the government runs  advertisements to avoid them, greed drags people to fall into this pit. Due to this, many true calls from banks and offices are avoided. Many job opportunities are left untouched. Strict individual checking is needed. A very helpful solution would be applying to RTI to know which company has sent you an offer. RTI Officials have to be very active.

The discussion platforms on news channels, knowingly targets particular religions and communities every other day. This rifts apart communities. A particular religion or cast continuously feels lagged or aloof  in our nation due to this, broadcasting rules must make it very clear that no religion or community must be targeted under any circumstance any media. It is not bad to discuss national issues regularly, but dissecting a religion on national television again and again can cause serious cold wars and is malicious to a nation harmony.

The conclusion is that the source of any news such as media shares power of influence. The information they spread is the tool on which our moral, social and national machinery works. Oiling it with truth and clearing the clutters of fakeness is highly important for mankind. And to do this, strict rules must be made by BCCI, awareness must be spread among common people, a powerful organization of well informed people must be made to keep in check whether a report shown is real or not. RTI offices must be made active. In this era of fake news, to restore the trust we have to work really hard on our urges to read catchy gossips and train ourselves to discard distrustful news channels. We should never cut a slack to unreliable sources.

“The trust has broken down. It will take some time to change attitudes and attitudes are going to be needed to develop trust”



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