The Chatterbox Counterparts of Marketers

By now we are all familiar with that super-friendly hello appearing on the tiny little window that pops out of nowhere when you are on most websites. Yes, we’re talking about chatbots and their grand entry into the digital marketing world! Chatbots in digital marketing is fast becoming a trusted friend popping in to say hello or a friendly face at the store asking you (I can imagine a pleasant smile as I read the welcome note on the chat box), “How can I help you?”

We are all familiar with chatbots as our first-level customer service experts, but how about chatbots in digital marketing? Oh yes, many organizations have successfully incorporated chatbots in their marketing campaigns. The robot chef of Whole Foods are helping their audience obtain recipe recommendations with just some keywords or even food emojis, taking potential customer engagement to new heights. Similarly, Sephora’s chatbots interacts personally with users giving them makeup tips and tutorials. What a great way to connect with potential customers and build trust!  Let’s look at some of the popular applications of chatbots in digital marketing.

Applications of chatbots in digital marketing

  1. Buddy-like personalized interaction with prospective customers:

    The best form of building connects with potential customers is to have a personalized and informal interaction with them, providing answers to their immediate questions. And what better medium to deliver than chatbots! The Epic Reads chatbot from Harper Collins is a great example. These friendly chatbots help readers find out what their next exciting read should be, whether you are sure about your genre of reading or real confused about what to try next.

  2. Delivering tons of useful analytics:

    One of the critical essentials of marketing is to deliver behavioral patterns of potential customers – their likes, dislikes, purchasing tendencies, and other characteristics. These patterns can help create useful insights that help your organization take decisions on what products, services, or solutions need to be focused on or what needs further fine-tuning so they can deliver better.

  3. Building brand loyalty:

    Chatbots are the easiest conversationalists that can get your potential customers completely hooked up with your brand.

  4. Making every visit count:

    One of the toughest element to control is the amount of time your visitors spend on your landing page or website. Yes, there are numerous options to make them hang out on your website a little longer, but one of the most interesting options to increase on-site customer engagement is through chatbots.

  5. Easier conversion to leads:

    Chatbots are amazing alternatives to forms in obtaining the basic contact information of potential customers and determine what they are looking for. The chat interface is much more effective than never-ending and minimally interactive forms on your landing pages.


Although the concept of chatbots has been around for many years now, its applicability across verticals, especially from a marketing point of view, has exploded only over the recent years. So whether you are into digital marketing for IT products, services, or solutions, chatbots ability to reach virtually across to millions of potential customers is indeed a great advantage worth leveraging. Chatbots are buddies who do not force you to try a product or service. They start with a warm welcome and proactively deliver suggestions that help you take swift decisions without being bombarded by emails or spammed by messages. They also deliver precious data insights to digital marketing services almost in real time, supporting you in planning your marketing strategies effectively.

Yes, planning smart chatbots that fit your specific vertical is quite an investment; however, the benefits you can reap are pretty impressive. 

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