The Importance Of Conversion Rate Optimization For Your Online Business


Conversion rate optimization is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that converts into customers. In simple terms, it’s about making more website visitors perform the desired action on a webpage.

CRO is a process of engaging your website visitors, optimizing their experience and influencing their behaviour, finally making your business more profitable and efficient.

Whether your website’s objective is to motivate visitors to buy a product, inquire about your service or encourage sign-ups, CRO is the most important thing to take care of.

Following are some facts and stats that prove the importance of CRO for businesses today.

  • More and more people are online and making purchases from websites- 81% of UK internet users made purchases online in 2017.
  • People’s internet habits have also changed. Some people come to the website for window shopping, scroll through the homepage and leave the website.
  • With growing competition, visitors now expect much more from a website, such as better user experience and quicker loading time- to be precise, people prefer load time to be 1.5 seconds.

Conversion rate optimization has a huge importance for the marketers who want to yield maximum results from their online business. Realizing the importance of conversion rate optimization, many entrepreneurs might be wondering how to optimize conversion for their website? Whether their online business is losing customers due to missing features on their homepage or landing page? What are the benefits of optimizing website for conversion?

To answer all these questions and to explain the entire process of conversion rate optimization, I wrote a Marketer’s Guide to CRO.

As an inbound marketer, optimizing websites, landing pages, content, opt-in forms, etc. is your top priority. And this is what your clients expect from you.

Improving conversions and generating sales is every business’s objective. This is the reason why 56% of marketers test their landing pages (especially the opt-in forms) for high conversion efficiency.

Remember, conversion rate optimization isn’t a quick fix. It is not a silver bullet. It’d be best if you don’t treat it as if it is. It is an ongoing process; a journey towards improvement.

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